Why choose Invisio vaginal speculum?

Available in 5 sizes

From XXS to L

The wide size range available ensures increased patient comfort, due to the better fit for female anatomy. Make sure to order Invisio specula in all available sizes, starting with XXS (bill width: 16 mm, bill length 105 mm, opening width: 75 mm) to increase your young patients’ comfort during VE.

Speculum Bill width Bill length Opening width Lock colour
Invisio XXS 16 mm 105 mm 57 mm Yellow
Invisio XS 20 mm 107 mm 74 mm White
Invisio S 24 mm 107 mm 75 mm Blue
Invisio M 26 mm 107 mm 76 mm Red
Invisio L 30 mm 107 mm 70 mm Green

No harmful phthalate content

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are salts and esters of phthalic acid. They are used e.g. in manufacturing of glycerol phthalate resins used as the foundation of phthalate varnishes and paints, glues (synthetic gum arabic) and some laminates. Also used as plasticizers. [source:Wikipedia]

Why are phthalates dangerous for human health?

Phthalates disrupt normal functioning of the hormonal system, resulting e.g.  with development disorders in children and fertility problems in men and women.

You care about your patients’ health, and feel concerned about the effect that harmful chemical compounds may possibly have on them?

By using Invisio specula, you may rest assured your patient’s health is not compromised. Our specula are entirely phthalate-free, a fact confirmed by the positive assessment by the Polish Poznań-based CBT (Centre for Research and Assessment of Materials) institution.

Strong, reliable locking mechanism

Comfort, reliability and safety

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were performing a vaginal exam and the locking mechanism of the speculum you were using failed?

Invisio comes with a truly reliable lock, eliminating the risk of the speculum closing during a VE. No need to worry about such complications any more, you can focus on your work alone

Different lock colours for easy size identification


No need to check the size symbol any more. Every lock colour goes with a different size, from XXS to L. This solution helps you reduce the time necessary to identify the speculum size you currently need.


Patient comfort during VE is one of the major goals of any gynaecologist. Speculum insertion is one of the most uncomfortable moments for any patient during a visit to gynaecologist. Owing to their rounded edges, Invisio specula substantially reduce patient discomfort during the procedure.


No more problems when removing foil!

No more forcing the packaging open. Invisio specula come with a tear-open seam on the packaging to allow prompt foil removal when grabbing a new one.


Convenience and comfort of use

The small dispenser size allows you to place it anywhere in your surgery, helping you to save space. By storing the specula in the dispenser you can be sure they are right there when and where you need them, and you will be able to grab one in no time. The dispensers are made of cardboard, and designed to hold 25 pcs of Invisio specula each.