Vaginal specula

a positive assessment of CBT, Polish Poznań-based Centre for Research and Assessment of Materials

First premium class speculum for vaginal examination in Poland tested for the presence of harmful phthalates and maximum strength. The assessment was issued by the Centre for Research and Assessment of Materials of Poznań University of Economics.

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Increased comfort and safety of vaginal examination

Why Invisio ?

Wzierniki Invisio można kupić w 5 rozmiarach

Available in 5 sizes

for increased patient comfort

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Mocno trzymający zamek gwarantuje bezpieczeństwo podczas wziernikowania

Strong, reliable mechanism

to prevent closing during the exam

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Gładkie krawędzie ułatwiające wprowadzenie wziernika i zmniejszające dyskomfort Pacjentki

Smooth bills with rounded edges

easy insertion and minimal patient discomfort

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Dyspenser Invisio na 25 sztuk wzierników Invisio pozwala mieć je zawsze pod ręką.

Convenient, 25 pcs dispenser

for easier reach whenever you need one

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Łatwe otwieranie opakowania wziernika invisio

Easing and fast opening

for prompt and handy foil removal

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Wziernik Invisio - Wziernik bez ftalanów

Positive assessment issued by CBT Poznań

confirming the lack of phthalate content and the product’s supreme strength

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Over 9 million VE already performed with Invisio specula

Wzierniki Invisio to komfort i bezpieczeństwo

Did you know...

Invisio stands for ultimate comfort and reliability

Thousands of practitioners have put their confidence in Invisio, with over 9 million* of VE already performed with our specula. What else can possibly attest to their top quality better?


* Source: Estimation based on Meringer’s own sales data analysis.


Strength assessment


“…better fit for female anatomy due to availability in 5 sizes, facilitating increased work comfort, quality, and confidence.” Maciej Maciejowski, MD
“Best I’ve used so far. Not one instance of a speculum falling apart” Rafał Bachórzewski, MD
“…very strong, do not break or crack. The quality of the equipment I use is the mark of my respect for the patient and my professional attitude” Mariusz Włusek, MD